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Sterling Silver Moth, Sun and Moon Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Moth, Sun and Moon Pendant Necklace

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Channel the allure of the moth when you wear this sterling silver geometric moth pendant with sun and moon. The diamond shape is a beautiful way to frame the moth and inset the sun & moon disks.

As creatures of the night, moths are driven by the light of the moon, connecting them to profound intuition and psychic awareness. And, due to the female's release of chemicals that intensely draws mates to her even in the darkest of nights, moths are deeply tied to passionate pursuits and matters of the heart.  

Includes an 18 inch, rhodium-plated sterling silver 1.0mm box chain and clasp.

Rhodium plated silver is sterling silver coated in rhodium to make it whiter and brighter. Silver is a softer metal, so rhodium protects it from scratches or wear. Solid silver is too soft to be fashioned into jewelry, so it contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals like copper, nickel, or a combination of the two. The traces of copper and nickel in sterling silver cause tarnishing. Adding rhodium plating prevents this from happening.

Pendant measures 35 x 21mm.

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