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Growing up in Gaylord, Michigan, I can remember collecting stones from all over Northern Michigan. I have aways loved collecting stones, they were like little treasures to me.  My earliest memories were of my family taking my Grandma Johnson to Whitefish Point on Lake Superior to collect stones.  We would be there all day, overcoming the sting of the black flies that tried to carry us away!

Not everyone shares my enthusiasm for rough stones, so I became a lapidary  artist and jewelry designer.  I taught myself lapidary and silversmithing skills so others could see the beauty of my little treasures too.  This is my unique way of contributing to the creative forces of the Universe and I hope you can appreciate my stones and jewelry and love them as much as I do!

Stone Treasures by the Lake offers a variety of unique, handcrafted cabochons and stone jewelry.  My shop offers Petoskey Stone cabochons and Petoskey Stone jewelry too!  There are many Lake Michigan Stones and Lake Superior Stones available as well as a diverse assortment of stones from Michigan and around the world.  My family and I find many of the rough Petoskey Stones, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior stones ourselves but I also purchase rough stones and slabs from others.  All of the cabochons on my website are cut and shaped by me. 

My shop offers unique jewelry made in Michigan.  I also have a variety of cabochon stones including Petoskey Stones and Lake Superior Agates.  These stones are for wire wrap, jewelry artists, jewelry designer, silversmiths or anyone who just loves stones.  Since not everyone is a jewelry artist, I have created handcrafted stone jewelry to display my treasures. I am a self-taught silversmith and have placed my designer stones in custom silver, brass, copper and bronze settings.  Commercially available settings with handcrafted cabochons are also available.  

Custom crafting of stone cabochons and jewelry is available upon request.  Provide your own rough stones or request stones that you would like to have made into cabochons.  Loose stones provided or placed in custom or pre-made jewelry settings. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or requests.

- Jackie

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The Rock - Peter Blume

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