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Sterling Silver Angelfish Pendant

Sterling Silver Angelfish Pendant

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Solid Sterling Silver Angelfish Pendant. Measures 34mm.

Available with an 18 inch 1.5mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain.

Angelfish symbolism is all about connecting with the angelic realms. The appearance of this spirit animal is a reminder that we are never alone. When you call upon the angels, you will always have help.  Angelfish meaning reminds us that when we love ourselves unconditionally, our beauty will radiate outward for all to see. The Angelfish meaning also reminds us that only with genuine self-forgiveness can we unhesitatingly move forward. Only then do we let our light shine out into the world. Forgiving yourself for all of your perceived mistakes, stumbles, and indiscretions is a necessary thing. Thus, Angelfish symbolism reminds you that, when you forgive yourself, the light of self-love can begin to shine. When this happens, you will be able to experience a love-filled and abundantly happy life.

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