Zebra Stone

Zebra Stone is a sedimentary stone that formed over 600 million years ago.  It was formed when particles of rock derived from the mechanical breakdown of preexisting rocks by weathering and erosion formed clay deposits that compacted into layers, which then created the characteristic bandings.

Zebra Stone is typically a white stone with black stripes, but there are also color variations like brown, red, and green.  Zebra-Stone is also known by other names like Zebra Jasper, Zebra Marble, Zebra Agate, and Zebra Rock. It was first discovered in Kunnanurra, in Western Australia.

Zebra Stone brings compassion and understanding for others, as it helps to see beneath superficial qualities.  Teaches that the eternal source of energy and love are always available.  Encourages action to reach dreams and goals.  Helps with depression & anxiety.

Zebra Stone Products

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