Spectrolite is an uncommon variety of labradorite feldspar that exhibits a richer range of colors than labradorite (that shows only tones of blue-grey-green) and high labradorescence.  Spectrolite was initially a brand name for material mined in Finland but is sometimes incorrectly used to describe labradorite whenever a richer display of colors is present, regardless of locality: for example, labradorite with the spectrolite play of colors has also reported from Madagascar.  The difference between Finnish spectrolite and other labradorites is that crystals of the former have considerably stronger colorfulness than other labradorites, caused by the black base color of spectrolite feldspar; other labradorites have mostly a transparent base color.

Spectrolite quarried from the rugged bedrock of Ylämaa in the South East of Finland is a Finnish gemstone which meets the three basic requirements: beauty, hardness and rarity. Spectrolite is a labradorite feldspar, a member of the albite-anorthite series with approximately 55% anorthite. Its composition is Na (AlSi308), Ca(A12Si208), hardness 6-6,5, refractive indices 1.56-1.57, specific gravity 2.69-2.70 and double refraction 0.008.

Spectrolite was found in 1941 during World War 2 when the Finns built a defence line on the eastern border. Spectrolite crystals were found in stones raised as antitank obstacles. After the war, the quarrying of the precious stone started on a small scale, increasing in the 1950s. In 1973 the first cutting and polishing workshop started to make spectrolite jawels in Ylämaa.

The fascination of spectrolite lies in its richness of color and changing tones, which are more remarkable the larger the stone is. The colours have all the shades of the spectrum and reflect the rich hues of Finish scenery - from golden browns to darkest blues. What causes the play of colours is not yet quite known, but interference of light waves in thin layers of material where light is reflected seems to play a role.

Spectrolite is regarded by gemologists as the worlds most beautiful labradorite. As each country is entitled to name its own gemstones, professor Aarne Laitakari, then Director of the Geological Survey of Finland, chose the name "Spectrolite", obviously having in mind the spectrum, the colors of which are visual poetry. This name has been accepted by European gemologists.

Stone of transformation and magic.  Clears, balances and protects the aura.  Excellent stone for general protection.  Use Spectrolite to hold the energy of leadership, courage, transformation, breakthrough and creativity.  The energy of Spectrolite emits a constant reminder to recognize and fulfill your potential. There is a rainbow of possibilities hidden within you. Spectrolite will help you discover skills that you can use to bring a brighter future.

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