Rainbow Calsilica

Rainbow calsilica is a man-made material created for the gemstone market from carbonate rock (aka calcite or powdered limestone) and plastic set in resin and colored by artificial coloring pigments. Since its first appearance in 2002, rainbow calsilica has been the subject of debate over whether it was naturally occurring or artificial, with some trying to pass it off as natural, claiming deposits were found in China, Brazil, Mexico and the Middle East. Rainbow calsilica gets its name from its layers of vibrant colors spanning the visible spectrum as well its composition of calcite and silica, found in quartz and a major component of sand. Cut into beads, cabochons and other jewelry-making components, rainbow calsilica is very desirable because of its bold, beautiful bands of colors.

Rainbow Calsilica produces a calming effect through the balancing of mind and energy as well as cleansing the surrounding aura. The colors are thought to facilitate success and attainment of the goals of empowerment and expression. The blues hues promote a peaceful state of mind by discharging negative energies. The gemstone is said to provide a path to inner wisdom and truth. Because each color is believed to be connected to a specific energy and chakra, each of this gemstone's rainbow colors stimulates the related chakras to influence the emotional state as well as actions derived from the emotional state.

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