Psilomelane is a group name for hard black manganese oxides including hollandite and romanechite. Psilomelane consists of hydrous manganese oxide with variable amounts of barium and potassium. Psilomelane is erroneously, and uncommonly, known as black hematite, despite not being related to true hematite, which is an iron oxide.

Generalized formula may be represented as Ba(Mn2+)(Mn4+)8O16(OH)4 or as (Ba,H2O)2Mn5O10. It is sometimes considered to be a hydrous manganese manganate, but of doubtful composition. The amount of manganese present corresponds to 70-80% of manganous oxide with 10-15% of available oxygen.

Psilomelane is a Stone of Duality and known as a stone of luck. An excellent talisman for gazing. Believed to attract, charm, luck and helps bring positive things in life. The dark night of the soul, it is a gem of protection and guarantees what is brought forward is for the highest good. This talisman is useful in down times and heals the wearer emotionally. Its strong elemental energy shields not only the physical body, but guards against negative entities. It uncovers the hidden motivations and corrects useless emotions. It is believed to defend against anger, aggression and negativity.

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