Plasma Agate

Plasma agate is a fairly rare material found in the Clear Creek area of Central California. There never was a commercial deposit. Stones were collected by rockhounds and others on public land. The Federal Government closed the area to collecting several years ago. The best of the material is green with perhaps a bit of brown or tan and is highly agatized. The material is characterized by unique and interesting patterns.

Agate crystals vibrate on a lower, more gentle frequency and provide different healing properties depending on their variety. In general, agate healing properties are slow and steady as they radiate a soft strength to bring a sense of stability. Agate properties connect with the energy of the Earth. They are thought to bring harmony to all aspects of the being, physical, spiritual and emotional. Using agate during times of unbalance, when it feels as if the yin and yang within you are operating out of proportion, can reintroduce an equilibrium to your tempered soul.

Plasma Agate Products

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