The composition of Phosphosiderite is its namesake after phosphorous and the Greek word for “iron,” sidero.  Phosphosiderite can be found in small amounts at many localities including Germany, France, Portugal, Sweden, Liberia, South Africa, Mozambique, the United States including here in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the Bull Moose mine, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina. Phosphosiderite forms as “an alteration product of triphylite in zoned complex granite pegmatites” and can also be a soil constituent as well as a replacement mineral in bones and shells.

Phosphosiderite facilitates a stronger spiritual connection and helps to connect with spirit guides.  Brings balance and stability and is a good stone to help you access past life memories and open your third eye chakra.  Phosphosiderite has a soothing vibration that relieves stress. When used in meditation, its healing properties will resonate with all chakras.

Phosphosiderite Products

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