Custom Stone Rock Jewelry

Custom Rock Jewelry - Stone Treasures  by the Lake

Custom rock jewelry by Stone Treasures by the Lake.  Click here to see my products.  All my cabochons are handcrafted in Michigan by me :)

My handcrafted cabochons are a brilliant choice for wirewrapping and silversmiths. The unique shapes and rare mineral materials help to create a one-of-a-kind finished product.

Handcrafted cabochons are shaped in a manner that cannot be duplicated by machine cut cabochons. When I shape a cabochon I consider many variables.  I  contemplate the patterns within the gemstone to maximize the uniqueness and beauty of my handcrafted cabochons.  The consistency and the quality of the gemstone material is also considered. I shape my cabochons by "feel "and the final shape; I believe, come from the vibrations of the stone itself.

My custom rock jewelry is made from my unique handcrafted cabochons. My distinctive rock jewelry creations are inspired from the stones themselves and are my creative contribution to the Universe. My online shop offers unique rock jewelry for gifts for any occasion.