Cobaltite is derived from the German, Kobold, which means "underground spirit".  It is an allusion to the "refusal" of cobaltiferous ores to smelt as they are expected to.

Cobaltite is a sulfide mineral composed of cobalt, arsenic, and sulfur, CoAsS. Its impurities may contains up to 10% iron and variable amounts of nickel. Structurally, it resembles pyrite (FeS2) with one of the sulfur atoms replaced by an arsenic atom.

It occurs in high-temperature hydrothermal deposits and contact metamorphic rocks in association with magnetite, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, skutterudite, allanite, zoisite, scapolite, titanite, and calcite along with numerous other Co–Ni sulfides and arsenides. It was described as early as 1832.

Cobaltite aids in the development and furthering of creative endeavors and uplifts the spirit in emotional situations. Reminds us of the inherent perfection of “All That Is”.

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