Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal is from Queensland in Australia and is brown in colour, due to high iron oxide content, sometimes exhibiting “fire” in a range of opalescent reds, blues, purples and greens, but this “fire” is not always present.

Boulder opal is a rock that contains thin seams and patches of opal surrounded by or attached to its natural host rock. The cutter studies this rock and decides how to cut the best possible gem. That gem might be cut to display seams and patches of precious opal as they appear within their natural host rock. Alternatively, the gem might be cut in an orientation that presents a thin seam of precious opal as the face of the gem with its natural host rock as a backing.

The frequency of Boulder Opal connects to the base and crown chakras. It opens the consciousness to the higher vibrations emanating from the soul so the larger view of existence and to live life as a soul infused personality.  Clears the body of negative energies and thoughtforms, enhancing mental clarity and stability helping to move forward with focused intent. 

Boulder Opal Products

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