Owyhee Picture Jasper

Owyhee Picture Jasper (pronounced Oh-WAH-hee), comes from the rugged Owyhee mountain area situated on the Idaho-Oregon border, just south of Homedale, Idaho. Owyhee Jasper is another one of the very popular picture jaspers, known for their depictions of mountain or desert scenery, with or without the "blue sky". There are now about 6 different varieties that fall under the Owyhee Jasper name. This area is prolific for colorful jaspers. Close to the Owyhee Jasper area is the Wild Horse and the Rocky Butte areas.

It is said that this material was found in the 1967 by Bruce Markus and Ralph Fulson while they were following wild Mustangs in their V.W. They saw the pretty rock and collected a few hundred pounds. Later they came back and claimed the area. The mine very isolated and overlooks the Owyhee River. 

Owyhee Picture Jasper is a stone of physical strength and energy.  Enhances stamina and endurance and increases the amount of Chi, or life force, in one's aura.

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