Orpheus Agate

The story of the Orpheus stone is shrouded in mystery. According to legend the mythical Thracian Orpheus was wearing a ring of this type of color agate , which was his " secret muse".  When Orpheus' wife, Eurydice, was killed he went to the underworld to bring her back. The power of agate was considered so strong that Orpheus is depicted as carrying agate on his descent into Hades.

Agate is a versatile gemstone that is used for promotion of inner stability of a person wearing it, improving composure, self-confidence, security, and maturity. In the past, mothers to wear agate stone in order to help them during childbirth. This stone will help you understand what you want and what you need, versus what you actually don’t need. It will help you express yourself, protect you on your trips. It is one of the best-supporting stones that will help with security, give strength, and endurance.

Orpheus Agate Products

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