Datolite Skarn

Datolite Skarn is a Calcium Boron Silicate Hydroxide that occurs in fine grained nodules found in old copper mine dumps and is a popular mineral among mineral collectors although it is somewhat obscure. It forms nicely faceted complex crystals.

Datolite Skarn is often found in basalt vesicles with calcite and zeolite. It is mined in porcelain-like masses and nodules. The nodules are brown, red, green, pink to off white in colour and some are cut and polished as a ornamental stone.​ Datolite Skarn is mostly purchased as a specimen so cut and polished gemstones are rare. 

​Datolite Skarn is colored by iron oxide, copper and silver, giving a range of soft hues of pink, peach, red, green, and violet on a white opaque porcelain like background, sometimes with added lacy inclusions of copper of silver.

Datolite Skarn is a stone of love, acceptance and transition.  Helps to understand that all struggles are temporary.  This stone will assist you during meditation, in finding a space where physically, spiritually or emotionally you can be yourself and find comfort and peace, replacing fear and anxiety even if for only a moment until balance is restored in your life again.

This stone helps release constriction in the heart chakra, including heaviness of the heart, hopelessness and grief. It can help you feel emotionally refreshed and cleansed, with a clearer sense of purpose and a higher perspective

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