Bristlecone Pine Oolytic Limestone

Oolytic limestone Fossil Algae is from the from White Inyo Mountains north of Death Valley, California. The locality is now in the Bristlecone Pines Reserve and is off limits for collecting of any kind. This material is becoming very scarce.

Fossilized Algae (Stromatolites or Stromatoliths) are layered mounds, columns, and sheet-like sedimentary rocks that were originally formed by the growth of layer upon layer of cyanobacteria, a single-celled photosynthesizing microbe. Fossilized stromatolites provide records of ancient life on Earth. Lichen stromatolites are a proposed mechanism of formation of some kinds of layered rock structure that are formed above water, where rock meets air, by repeated colonization of the rock by endolithic lichens.

The frequency of Stromatolite connects to the base and heart chakras. It cleanses these chakras, allowing for an increased energy flow. Stromatolite’s connection to the base chakra allows one to feel a connection with the third dimensional reality and to feel secure.

The energy of Stromatolite helps one to understand the purpose of life’s lessons and to see them as aids to one’s personal growth. It helps one to accept others for who they are and to “go with the flow”, to live one’s life with an “open-ness”, so that one can move forward not bound by past negativity.

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