Lake Michigan Jaspilite Stone Cabochon

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Jaspilite from Lake Michigan  shaped and polished into a cabochon. Perfect for jewelry artists.  Cabochons are used in stone jewelry creations by jewelry artists and jewelry designers to create unique wearable art and this Lake Michigan Jaspilite Cabochon is a one-of-a-kind little treasure!

Jaspilite is a chemical rock formed similar to chert, but is generally quite iron rich. It is also known as jasper taconite. Jaspilite is typically a banded mixture of hematite and quartz common in the banded iron formation rocks of Proterozoic and Archaean age in the Canadian shield.

Jaspilite is also formed as exhalative chemical sediments in certain lead-zinc ore deposits, and as a hydrothermal alteration facies around submarine volcanism.

Jaspilite is a strong protection stone. Brings balance to your life. Helps to manifest aspirations by keeping you focused and separating dreams from reality.

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