Lake Michigan Amygdaloidal Basalt Cabochons

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Amygdaloidal Basalt from Lake Michigan, cut, shaped and polished into cabochons.  These three stones are sold as a set.  Cabochons are used in stone jewelry creations by jewelry artists and jewelry designers to create unique wearable art and these Lake Michigan Amygdaloidal Basalt Cabochons are one-of-a-kind little treasures!

Basalt is a dark colored volcanic rock formed from a magma of basic composition erupted on the Earth's surface. Magmas generally contain dissolved gas, which can form bubbles in the magma as the pressure is released on eruption. These bubbles can get trapped in the solidified rock. After some time, groundwater or hot solutions connected with the volcanic activity pass through the porous lava and deposit crystals in the open cavities, which gradually fill up with quartz, calcite (calcium carbonate) or other minerals called zeolites. Filled cavities in lavas are called amygdales, and a rock full of them can be called amygdaloidal.

Stone of strength, courage and stability.  Helps to diminish the negative aspects of one’s character.

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