Crinoid Fossil Cabochon Pendant

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Michigan Crinoid Fossil, handcrafted into a cabochon with a  gold base metal bail and an 18" base metal chain.  This unique Crinoid Fossil Cabochon Pendant Lake Michigan stone jewelry and wearable art is truly a one-of-a-kind stone treasure!

Crinoids are marine animals that make up the class Crinoidea of the echinoderms (phylum Echinodermata). The name comes from the Greek word krinon, "a lily", and eidos, "form". They live in both shallow water and in depths as great as 9,000 meters (30,000 ft).  Those crinoids which in their adult form are attached to the sea bottom by a stalk are commonly called sea lilies.

A spiritual stone, deeply connected to the earth, home and the events of one's past.  A survival stone, one of strength and protection. Ancient life held within its form lends the power of wisdom and healing.

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